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Sinead Tingley

Sinead is the Founder and Lead Counsellor at Serendipity. She qualified as a counsellor from York St John University where she also sat on the Children & Young People’s Coaching Steering Panel and co-facilitated the Anger Management Research Programme.

Sinead has the experience and training to work with adults, couples and young people. Previously working with social care, Sinead has worked with a wide and diverse range of clients. She has worked within an integrative CAMHS Family Therapy Team and works with young people from the age of 11 years of age upwards. She has trained with the Tavistock in Leeds is GSRD Aware and Sex Positive.

When working with couples or familial relationships in counselling, Sinead provides a safe, non-judgemental space to work through issues affecting the relationships. Sinead is experienced in working with all types of relationships including traditional and non-traditional. Stepping away from convention, Sinead can help couples to create the terms of their relationship to make it work for them.

Sinead is a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). She is also a visiting lecturer at York St John University. Sinead has delivered training to local authorities, charities and SME’s on issues such as Conflict Resolution, Managing Work Place Stress, Anger Management and Suicide Prevention.

Sinead believes that meaningful positive changes comes from developing a deeper sense of self awareness, personal growth and acceptance.

Sally Loaring


When people talk change can happen. You may be questioning long held assumptions, or want to make sense of patterns you have noticed in your life and relationships. Looking at these with someone can be transformative.  We often experience feelings of disconnection or difficulty in connecting to others in a meaningful way – whether in work, personal or social contexts and often exploring these feelings offers the opportunity to understand the underlying reasons. Perhaps you notice you constantly put others first or that you are feeling put upon by others and not living your ‘real life’. Talking about this with someone can help.

Sally works pluralistically, keeping in mind clients’ goals and areas of their lives they would like to focus on. Every therapeutic relationship is unique;  it combines client with therapist and together this can model new ways of being. Sally cares very much for your early life experiences and making sense of these early relationships that can impact later in life. 

With an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling from the University of Leeds, Sally also has a background of senior management in the cut and thrust world of commercial environments and understands well the pressure and strains which occur as a result of work based stress. 

Sally works with clients on a long or short term basis. An open discussion at an initial assessment session can help establish what you would like to achieve. 

Training, Qualifications

MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling  – University of Leeds 

PG (Cert) Counselling and Interpersonal Skills – Leeds Beckett University 

BA (Hons) English Literature and American Studies – Brunel University


Sally works with a range of clients across York, North Yorkshire and also online. She has experience of working with those experiencing depression and anxiety, loss, victims of crime, survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and has a special interest in Boarding School Survivors and the impact early relationships and experiences have in later life. 

Member Organisations 

Sally is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adheres to the BACP’s Ethical Framework. 


David Cooke

MBACP Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

If you are searching for a therapist, then there’s a good chance that something is ‘off’ in life, that something has become unsettled. You may be experiencing a conflict, be it within a relationship, or within yourself. Perhaps you feel stuck, lost, don’t know how to go on. David, who began his training in Musical Theatre and now works as a therapist, understands what it means for life to take you in an unexpected direction.

David is a BACP Registered person centred therapist. He provides a compassionate, non-judgmental, and collaborative space within which he will help you to explore the issues affecting you in your life, at your own pace. The purpose of his work is not to “fix”, but to increase your understanding and awareness, ultimately helping you to make change where you feel change is needed, and to accept yourself on your own terms.

David specialises in LGBTQ+ issues and is GSRD Aware. Alongside Serendipity, David works with specialist organizations serving Yorkshire’s LGBTQ+ community (MESMAC) and people with chronic mental and physical health conditions (Phoenix Health & Wellbeing). David is also experienced in working with addiction and trauma. He is available for both short and long term therapeutic support.

David is also a trained Samaritan and is prepared to be by your side in the brightest and darkest of times.

Working with a wide range of issues including suicidal ideation, self-harm, identity, family and relationship difficulties, and workplace problems, David undertakes regular training and development to ensure he is informed and up-to-date in his work. Recent training and professional development includes –

LGBTQ+ Awareness
  • MESMAC-led session on LGBTQ+ issues including rights, discrimination, intersectionality, and presentation in therapy
HIV Awareness
  • MESMAC-led session providing an updated overview of HIV, including at-risk groups, community support, and how to increase and prevention in and outside of the therapeutic space 

Whatever has led you to seek help, be it something for your past or a present-day obstacle, you will be met with respect and empathy, you will be taken seriously, and valued as the individual you are.


Daniel Hoddinott

Daniels counselling base is in existentialism which means he will aim to explore your unique world experience in a safe and non judgemental space in aid of helping you develop a deeper self awareness and help you to process previous and current life difficulties.

Daniel believes that the client-therapist relationship is the key to any therapeutic improvements and will strive to build a trusting, open and honest relationship with his clients throughout their work together.

Daniel is a highly trained BACP registered therapist and has worked with a vast range of clients and issues. He holds –

  • Degree in Psychology
  • Masters in Psychological Research
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Interpersonal Skills
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Daniel has experience working with domestic abuse, emotional dysregulation, internalised homophobia, long term injuries/disabilities and suicide ideation. He is practiced in working with neurodiverse clients and is trauma informed.

In addition to the above, he is also experienced in working with gender and sexuality issues, as he is GSRD aware.

Daniel is available at Serendipity on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Rebecca Kearney


Rebecca’s counselling is Person-Centred which means that in your therapy sessions,  you are the expert on your life and experiences.  Her expertise involves creating a non-judgemental, honest, empathetic space to support you in working through current conflicts or challenges, with a goal of developing deepening self-awareness and compassion.  Her intention is that when you leave the therapy room, you carry with you the tools to live a life which feels kinder and more connected.

Rebecca likes to work with emotions at a depth that you are comfortable with. She understands that a relationship with our emotional selves deepens our capacity for self-care and can lead to improved personal relationships.  Noticing our emotional responses enables us to spot red flags and begin to access the peace that comes from reconnecting with our individual instincts.  This work can bring about acceptance and understanding of the impact of earlier life experiences.


Rebecca has worked with a range of clients, aged over 18.   She has experience with a range of issues including loss, depression, anxiety, overwhelm and absence of feeling, as well as feelings of abandonment and oppression.  She has significant experience supporting men with a range of obstacles.


PG Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

Fear and the Therapist: Fear and the nervous system and its effect on our daily lives.

Return to Wholeness Workshop with Gabor Maté:  Rediscovering authentic self through relationship with the body.


Advanced Trainees
At Serendipity we offer placement opportunities to Advanced Trainee Counsellors. We work in collaboration with York St John, Leeds Beckett and Teeside Universities to support the training needs of their students. We offer sessions with these counsellors at a reduced rate. Please contact us for more information.

Our Expertise

Unexpected Mood Swings

Stress & Anxiety

Anger Management

Family Member Conflict

Job Loss or Change


Irregular Sleep Cycles

Couples Infidelity

Harmful Thoughts

Isolation & Loneliness

Strained Relationships


Our Approach & Values

We believe each client is unique. Their experience and history is theirs alone. We work together to understand the issues and underlying emotional response to what they are experiencing. We work with our clients to focus our work in short term counselling. We also offer longer term therapy to help clients who want a deeper understanding of their self. Our work is client led and client focused.

“I really felt Sinead wanted to help me and I genuinely felt part of her day. A positive counselling experience”.

“It’s like having a weekly brain massage, in a good way!”

“Sinead helped me and my partner through a difficult time in our relationship.”

“Kept me grounded through a very difficult separation and subsequent divorce. "

“Helped me understand myself.”

“Work stress was completely debilitating. Seeing Sinead helped me get things in perspective and gave me strategies to cope on returning.”

“We are seeing a real, positive difference in our girl!”

“I can now see that I can help myself, I didn’t know what self care was until someone cared for me. Thank you.”

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01904 948 565

1st Floor Offices
Heworth Golf Club
YO31 9JY

01904 948 565

1st Floor Offices
Heworth Golf Club
YO31 9JY

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