Most of us are relational beings – we like being with others! Sometimes we may start to feel that some relationships in our lives are not going well. It may be that you are struggling to get along with work colleagues. This can have a massive impact on how you feel about your work as the environment you spend time in is hugely important to your emotional wellbeing. It can help to explore the dynamic and the impact we have on others to understand how to improve communication and work place relationships.

It may be that you feel out of sync with your friendship circle. Interests and priorities can change over time and that can leave you feeling lonely or indeed overwhelmed. You may begin to wonder what is ‘wrong’ with you. Sometimes you realise that you are the one doing all the arranging and initiating contact and you may begin to wonder, why? It’s good to take time to reflect on what is happening. Journalling can help you get all your feelings and emotions in one place and it can help you pick up threads or patterns of behaviour from yourself and others.

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