Relationship Counselling is an umbrella term that covers both couples and family counselling.

Couples counselling can help when communication between two people has become difficult or has even broken down. Counselling can help you listen and hear each other in a safe and mediated space. 

Do you have the same argument over and over? This is often when one or other has not been given the information they need or has not felt heard on an issue. This could be on anything from finances to parenting. 

Communication is a skill that can be worked on. If a couple comes to therapy with the intention of staying together and working through the issues they are experiencing, it is important to see how they interact with each other. Are they respectful, are they listening to their partner. Or do they use disparaging language and talk over or dismiss the other. We can all fall into negative ways of being with each other over time. Familiarity is not an excuse for being careless with each other.

Infidelity can be devastating to a relationship. But a couple who are willing to work through the impact of the affair and address the issues around it, can stay together and indeed be stronger for the work they put in. To understand what went wrong, what led to the infidelity, can stop it happening again. Once again, communication has a huge part to play in that understanding. It will take time to rebuild the trust, but couples can come through the bad times. 

Family Counselling often involves parents and their adult children. More recently we have seen an increase in adults wanting support to understand and resolve childhood issues and experiences with their parents. They realise they want a better relationship with their parents and that past issues are very much in the present, especially if they now have their own children. Family Counselling can successfully support the reparation of familial relationships and, in turn, improve the family dynamic as a whole.

Relationship Counselling can also support open and polyamorous partnerships. At Serendipity we are experienced in working with all types of relationship diversity and welcome all clients.

If you would like support with the relationships in your life, contact us on 07403 307 294, We offer a confidential, free initial telephone consultation to understand the issues you are experiencing and to work through how we can help.

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