The world around us has changed. First it was schools, colleges and universities closing, then the shops, bars and restaurants. Now we are all being asked to stay at home, if we can.

Being away from our usual routines, our family, work or peer buddies can have a negative impact on our mental health. We are all relational beings so it is important to stay connected. Modern technology can help with this, but it’s good to feel involved in something rather than just being a bystander. There are lots of activities now being offered online for free so get involved! 

Classes workshops and podcasts offer you the chance to connect and learn something new and keep fit – both physically and emotionally. Why not give them a try?

At Serendipity we often talk to clients about how life is for them and how their habits and routines might affect them. At this time we thought it would be good to just check in to remind ourselves how to look after our well being.

Here are some tips from us to help with your mental health whilst at home. A few Self Care reminders to help you through these strange times. We hope you find them useful. 


Try to keep to your usual daytime routine. It’s easy to stay in bed all morning or stay up later and later but you run the risk of becoming nocturnal and also messing up your body clock. Timings can be relaxed but keep in mind the day consists of morning, afternoon and evening. Give yourself a goal for each part of the day. This could be a work or academic task, a household chore to complete or an exercise plan for the day. Having a routine can be an important scaffold to use to keep life as normal as possible. 

Healthy Eating

At the time of writing this, most if not all food delivery services had shut down. Th alleged queues for the last bell on the golden arches seemed a turning point for many. The realisation that we all need to be self sufficient. There is food out there and it is wise to take a moment to consider what you eat. Have you got what you need? Are you comfort eating? If so, will you get the opportunity to burn it off? Leading nicely onto….


Either at home or take the opportunity to head out for a walk, bike ride or run. Exercise releases feel good chemicals so you will be glad you made the effort! If this is something new to you start small, a short walk will lengthen each day – give it a go.

Connect with family & friends

It can get lonely if you live alone but also if you live in a busy house. Use this time to connect with family and friends. Either virtually or IRL. We have a lot of time on our hands so use it to connect socially. Play games, join in a class or group online – get connected. Connection has a positive effect on our mental health and can help us realise we are not alone. People are out there, people who care.

Here is a links for things we have found and enjoyed this week. Give them a try and let us know how you get on! 

Joe Wicks – PE session at 9am every morning

Gareth Malone has started an online daily choir. It’s every evening at 5.30, you can sign up here:

David Walliams is offering free audiobooks each day.

The Junior Library Guild is offering free access to their online library, books for all ages are available.

Oti Mabuse Dance Class

From Menfulness York-

We are still here for you – it just looks a little different right now

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