Associate Counsellor Canse Karatas talks us through What is Counselling?

A common misconception of a counsellor is that we just sit there and listen. Therefore, when the word is used people often visualise a cosy looking room with a sofa and incense burning. A client will lay down and offload about all their issues and then will feel magically better upon leaving. There is in fact a lot more to it.

Counselling is a confidential space where the client can be themselves without judgement. The initial stages are building trust to enable a connection, this is vital for any therapeutic relationship. It is a two-way meaningful conversation that can help a client explore their experiences as well as themselves. There are lots of aspects to the sessions that may facilitate acceptance or change. Some of these may be exploring in depth a client’s thoughts and feelings attached to experiences or relationships, reflecting on what made them the person they are today and identifying who they would like to be tomorrow. A counsellor may offer empathy and validation, highlight patterns of behaviour or openly discuss potential ways to find growth.

Although different things will come up the main goal is to help clients be the truest version of themselves and reach their full potential. Putting a mirror up to yourself can be scary and upsetting at times so it’s a counsellor’s responsibility to ensure safe and ethical working. Also, theory is underpinning every aspect of the sessions which can sometimes be brought into psychoeducation at times. Each counsellor will come from a different theory approach but almost all will be person centred. Back to my initial point there is listening, lots of it there is just more going on beneath the surface. The whole process can take time, but the results are totally worth it. From a counsellor’s point of view, it is really beautiful to witness too.

If you feel you are doing this and feel you would like someone to talk to, please contact us to arrange a free initial telephone consultation. We can talk through how counselling can help you and if you decide to book in we can usually arrange an appointment within a few days. Contact us at

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